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You Serve Yourself, Others, the World, and the Spirit World when you Serve Love and Truth.

Welcome to The Love Economy Press Foundation.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing Love and Truth through creative publishing, media, contemplation, and outreach.  We’re starting small, but we have big ideas! 

Help us to launch!

Learn about our GoFundMe campaign, and watch the video below!

Our Organization Grew Out of Conversations

Founded by Rita Roberts and Scott Schumacher, The Love Economy Press Foundation is a result of their ongoing “Cosmic Dialog” that began in December of 2017.  Through their own growth through experiments and following where they had been guided (even rejected), they are acting as the hands and feet for the new Love Economy.

A Small Startup with Big Ideas

By Intentionally starting out as a small non-profit, collecting less than $50,000 per year in revenues, we allow ourselves the most freedom and flexibility, with the opportunity to grow our resources and offerings.  We can streamline the process of tax filing and obtaining 501c3 charity status.

Book Publishing and Promotion

What it Means to Serve is our flagship publication, as well as a template for the Love Economy.  Foundation funds will help to promote, market, and bring the book to print.

Creative Incubation

During our proposed 3-year startup growth period, foundation grants will be used to fund the work of artists and writers, to build our library of works.  This body of creative work will be used to promote the Love Economy and the serving of Love and Truth.

One-third Principle

While in our small startup phase, donations and revenue will be distributed in thirds.
1/3 – Creative Incubation Grants
1/3 – Marketing and Promotion Grants
1/3 – Promoting the Love Economy – Printing, Publishing, and Outreach.

Our Mission

To contribute to the ushering in of the RADICAL REVIVAL of new thoughts and ideas for serving Love and Truth.  We do this through the creation of educational works such as printed and electronic books, artistic media, videos, and other creative resources.


To advance the education and practical application of contemplation, meditation, conversation, art-making, and other activities which engage people and communities toward servant-based leadership and engagement.

We see you.  We know who you are.  There’s no hurry.  We love you.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

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